The Red Rose

Its been many days we got seperated
Haven’t talked properly from the day;
Though I took you away from me
But no days have passed when I haven’t missed you;
The red rose I always wanted to give
But never got a chance
The rose full of love and care, is still with me
And now I have decided to keep it with me forever;
Its begun to turn black and white
But I still see it as red and fresh
Reflecting my love for you.
I wish you to have a red rose,
The one with most beautiful petals and leaves
Reflecting love and care but not from me,
I wish someone will make you complete;
Makes you forget the past that passed with me
I wish a guy with that precious rose for you
For which he can do everything to make it as beautiful as always.
I wish you a heart with infinite rose petals
Where you feel love again,
I wish you a lots of happiness.


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