Day 1: International Seminar On Cosmology & Consciousness VII.

International Seminar Exploring Buddhist Science And Quantum Physics.

Observation & Reality.

There was conference held at Chintan Bhawan, Gangtok throughout the month of September of 2018 where the Buddhist monks most from Tibet and various Quantum Physicists exchange their views on Nature Of Reality. I was there at last 3 days of the program and what happened there was something like fossils that will remain in my mind till I’ll have my own theory on nature of reality.

I came across with a guy with serious look yet very funny and simple. His name is Professor Theodore Hodapp from Hamline University. He smoothly tries to demonstrate how classical physics fails and we need a new Quantum Concept. It was really an exciting moment to know from him that how quantum worlds obeys completely different rules from classical ones. It was like a very first step to enter into the Quantum World. After his talk there was interaction session where I put up a silly yet logical question.

After lunch Geshe Thabkhe, famous Buddhist monk tries to explain about partless particle and he explained why it is so important in Buddhism. Then we have the very basic experiment called The Double Slit Experiment by Mr. Anil Ananthaswamy, he is a journalist and writes about science. Through this experiment he brought out how quantum nature of light fails over there and how we need to go back to wave theory. He left us with a most weird concept, that is Quantum Entanglement and what happened to the following day is something to wonder.

with Theodore Hodapp(left), Ian T. Durham(middle) and Areeya Chantasri(right).

4th Sept., Thusday ( 2018 )


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